Friday, February 24, 2006

Weather Report

We woke this morning to find our world still and silent under a blanket of snow. Not. More like someone in heaven went a little crazy with confectioner's sugar and a sifter. But it looks pretty. The Child, sensing a shift in the fabric of her existence, sprang from her bed, into warm clothes and out into the snow in one seamless motion. She knows this is fleeting. May snowballs before the sun shines. The sky is cloudless and the snow will be gone in no time.

Good thing, too. I have a leg of lamb to fetch, chocolate and parsnips to find (not to worry...they are for separate courses). Must purchase champagne and smoked salmon, cream and peppers. While I would be perfectly content to hole up before the fire this weekend, it can't snow tonight. The lamb and other treats are intended for guests who must not become snow-bound. It is a collective failing of Seattlites that we panic in the face of any amount of snow. Few dare attempt driving in it, however little there is, and full-scale panic abounds. It is a source of much amusement to transplants from snowier climes. There's less than 1/4 of an inch in our back garden but that is enough to close schools and start a run on bathroom tissue at all the markets. Silly rabbits.

Hurrah. The snow in the street has already melted. I'm off to buy the Carnevale groceries.

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