Friday, February 17, 2006

Ever Have One of Those Days?

If I were still single this would be one of those days when I would have called in sick. I would have stayed in my jammies, made a nest on the couch and watched TV all day. Ocassionally I would have napped. I would have made an omlette around 11a.m., because eggs and cheese would be all I'd have in the house and I would have eaten the omlette and left the plate on the coffee table. I wouldn't have done laundry or dishes or swept anything. I might, possibly, have rung up a friend in the evening to see if he/she wanted to come over for take-out and watch TV. I wouldn't watch a video because back then I didn't own any and going to the video store would have required putting on clothes, which would not have been the plan and staying in your jammies all day makes bedtime so much easier.

I am in a fine mood. I feel perfectly well. But I just don't have a lick of will. I did pick up the shredded toilet paper that The Dog scattered all over the living room. I also did get dressed and go to coffee, only to remember as I pulled into the lot that my coffee friends kids don't have school today. So I got my bagel and coffee to go and got the grocery shopping done early.

I need to go by school. The Child has a gnarly cold and I let her stay home today because Winter Break starts next week anyway and what the hell. But I need to pick up her assignments. And as long as I'm out I'll stop by McPherson's, a local produce stand that has stuff for so stupid cheap that you can come home with 4 bags of produce having dropped only $10-15. I need avocados because we're having tacos for dinner tonight.

And I have to remember to go by the Cathedral this afternoon to pick up some photos for a mystery project that The Neighbor is working on for the choir's trip/pilgrimage to Roma next month. So much for getting back into jammies and watching TV all day with The Child.

I must rouse myself. I will spend 15 minutes being a house fairy and restore little bits back to order. If the dishes are done and the groceries put away then I'm pretty sure I won't feel at all bad about spending a couple hours playing "Age of Mythology". Because it's just one of those days.



Anonymous Anonymous opined...

Hey you, you're very funny! I miss you and soooo wish we could go to the nice cafe up the street for much coffee and conversation. Children are arguing, must go. Email me. Love you, Nicole

February 18, 2006 12:55 AM  

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