Monday, February 20, 2006

Winter Break

The Child has Winter Break. Not just President's Day, but a whole week to do nothing. Except, that's not true. The "break" part didn't completely register with her teacher and the children have been assigned a list of things to accomplish this week. Personally, I think that is ridiculous. A break is a break. But they are nothing if not academically rigorous over there at St. G's and so things must be done.

Getting The Child to do her homework is a challenge under the most ordinary circumstances. Trying to get her to play along when she's on break...I can't imagine this happening without threats and door-slamming. And honestly, if it were up to me, the only thing she'd have to do this week is read a little every day and maybe practise her typing. Which means that I'm going to be forced to enforce something that I don't really endorse. And a horse is a horse, of course, of course.

Here is my plan. We will sleep in every morning. We will do something groovy every day. She still has some certificates and gift cards from Christmas and her birthday, for example. She will spend them all. Sushi will be involved, as will board games. Evenings will be totally fun because she doesn't have volleyball practise this week, either, so there won't be any rushing around and we can have lovely meals at the table. I will let her go all Martha Stewart on the table setting. But before all this bliss she will have to spend about an hour every morning at the books. Which, if she gets to pretend she's Hermione Granger and I'm Professor McGonagall, should be just fine.



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