Thursday, April 30, 2009

May I Have Your Attention, Please?

The Spouse does not have swine flu.

You may now return to the bacon wrapped ribs, the sausage flan and the pork rinds. More wine, anyone?



Blogger Bad Alice opined...

Just had some sausage, thank you. Is that a shiraz?

April 30, 2009 7:03 PM  
Blogger Lorraine opined...

Why, yes it straw or two?

April 30, 2009 7:38 PM  
Blogger sfoofie opined...

only if it is bacon-wrapped wine!!! thank the porkness WA is saved! have a hamtastic weekend!

April 30, 2009 8:14 PM  
Blogger Sling opined...

So,..What am I supposed to do with my 'I know patient zero of the Seattle Swine flu epidemic' T-shirt? there any Cabernet in the cellar?

April 30, 2009 8:43 PM  
Blogger Willym opined...

Oh that's swinish... sorry I had to.... well actually no I didn't and I shouldn't have but..

April 30, 2009 10:01 PM  
Blogger Anne opined...

whew, so i can breathe now?

May 01, 2009 6:03 AM  
Blogger Miss Healthypants opined...

Yes, please--if you have a nice Cabernet, I would be most appreciative. :)

Glad to hear the Spouse doesn't have what my sister (who's a nurse) is now calling "Hiney" (H1N1) flu! :)

May 04, 2009 6:26 PM  

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