Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Well, That Will Be an Interesting Conversation

I was just making a pass through the house, emptying out the various wastebaskets. I went into The Child's room and expected that before actually emptying her garbage it would be added to it with all the little bits of teen clutter that are usually present: spent lip gloss tubes, crumpled tissue and the inevitable banana peel or apple core that is always moldering somewhere even though she is technically not allowed to eat in her room.

But her room was pretty clean, which made me happy. As I made a mental note to compliment her on her efforts at tidiness, my eye caught sight of a plastic container on her bedside table- a plastic container full of shaved coconut. Annoyed at the idea of her 1) sneaking out the container and b) of eating crumbs of coconut in a bed that just yesterday received fresh linens, I went to retrieve the container. And tripped on an insulated food carrier that isn't even ours but was left at a party by some friends.

I picked it up. It was heavy. I opened it to reveal an ice pack, a quart of grape juice, a single serving of applesauce, unopened (thank heaven) and a baggie containing 2 thick slices of cheese. What the....

Stay tuned.

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Blogger Eric opined...

I thought I heard you come home to that little adventure last night and dealt with it.

April 03, 2007 2:31 PM  
Blogger Jon opined...

I sure hope is has nothing to do with The Boy.

Also, you can be glad you're not raising boys. There's no telling what you would have found.

Please keep us posted.

April 03, 2007 2:33 PM  
Blogger Lorraine opined...

No, I came home to find her slicing cheese right before dinner and told her to not snack because, uh, we were going to have dinner. And she said "ok". And to her credit, she didn't snack on it. She was saving it for later.

Yes, Jon. In fact, I'm reminded of a story from my childhood which will doubtless find its way into the follow-up.

April 03, 2007 2:45 PM  
Anonymous the neighbor opined...

At least you didn't find any pot.
Or condoms.

Just saying.

April 03, 2007 3:17 PM  
Blogger gina opined...

Okay, I can't wait for "the rest of the story"....

And don't get me started on what you find in boys' rooms. It's just too gross to even say here. Maybe I'll post on it one of these days.

April 03, 2007 5:23 PM  
Blogger Sling opined...

...if I had a refrigerator and beer tap in my room,I'd never have to leave the house.

April 03, 2007 6:02 PM  
Blogger Iwanski opined...

The Child is picnicking behind your back?

April 03, 2007 7:46 PM  
Blogger rosemary opined...

Oh come on...she has her mother's genes.....she is going to make grape applesauce over cheese with a side garnish of coconut...sounds delish...a little surprise for her mom? Is she not allowed to have food in her room? Maybe she is studying late and we all know coconut makes one's mind much sharper! By the by...as I said to Gina...Hank might have been handsome for about a minute and then he hit the table running and with a side of mutton in one hand he grabbed a wench with the other all while taking his pants off and swigging wine on the way to his quarters.

April 03, 2007 8:51 PM  
Blogger Lorraine opined...

True, Neighb, true.

Ah, Gina, blog fodder.

Well, shoot, Sling, who would?

Oh sure, Iwanski, make it sound like no big deal. "Oh, it was just a little picnic...it's not like I'd ever do the hard stuff...." First an innocent little picnic and the next thing you know she's sneaking out for McRibbs. No, sir. There's a line to be drawn and I draw it now.

Rosemary, that sounds exactly like something she'd invent...

April 03, 2007 11:53 PM  
Blogger Grish opined...

I was thinking along the neighbors lines at first and was fixing to have to go inventory my sons room as well until I seen that pot was spelt c-h-e-e-s-e. lol

April 04, 2007 1:23 AM  
Blogger anonymouse opined...

Lorraine--- okay, trying not to laugh too loud... I thougth the same thing as neighbor--- my son has the bad habit of eating in his room--- but hey, I dont have to sleep in that bed, or get gum and candy out of my hair!
I've let myself loose that battle-- and funny, when he likes a gril-- the room is neet and there is no candy.

April 04, 2007 7:30 AM  
Blogger more cowbell opined...

Hey Lorraine, I must thank you for reminding me of an Evil Plot I had started, then promptly forgot. On my camera are 3 pictures of SecondBorn Offspring's room, secretly snapped in her absence. I'd planned to blog about it, but my brain, swamped as it is with all manner of anxiety these days, moved on to other things. Thanks for the reminder ... Bwa Ha Ha Ha!!

Yeah, she's not supposed to eat in her room either. >sigh< If you're not a parent of a teen, you should understand that "a harmless snack" can lead to bugs and vermin. I'm not a fan of vermin.

But basically, I just shut the door. Choose your battles and all that. The Neighbor is right. No drugs? No condoms? OK, the mess isn't all that terrible...

April 04, 2007 9:52 AM  
Blogger Lorraine opined...

Can't wait to see the pictures...I did that once. Evil mommy. Bwahahaha.

And yes, I'm very thankful it wasn't something more alarming but I am soooooo with you on that no vermin policy.

April 04, 2007 10:06 AM  

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