Monday, June 22, 2009

Teenage Wasteland

Yesterday The Child and I went out to do a little shopping. It was one of those times when we were anything but in sync. It didn't really matter what we were talking about; I'd say something and she'd debate the point. Even when there was no debate to be had.

At one point I exclaimed, "Geez, Child, you are arguing with everything I say!"

She replied, "No, I'm not".


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Blogger Anne opined...

Isn't that part of teenagehood?

June 22, 2009 7:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous opined...

I know of those moods. I think I'm having one right now.

Yes I am!

June 22, 2009 8:35 AM  
Blogger Willym opined...

JP - no you're not!

June 22, 2009 2:37 PM  
Blogger Sling opined...

I think The child,JP,and Willym need a time out..

June 22, 2009 4:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous opined...

Ba Ha Ha Ha

Peace, Love, Harmony & Beautiful Thoughts.



June 22, 2009 7:30 PM  
Blogger Lorraine opined...

Anne, yes. But I hate it.

Go to your naughty mat, JP.

You too, Wills.

Dang it, Sling. We are good parents, aren't we?

Thanks, Anonyba.

June 22, 2009 7:59 PM  
Blogger Miss Healthypants opined...

Double oy!! :)

June 22, 2009 8:53 PM  
Blogger Molly opined...

ha. :)

June 23, 2009 10:41 AM  
Blogger Doralong opined...

Some days it really doesn't matter what you say to them, you're just wrong by default.

June 25, 2009 3:28 AM  
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