Friday, February 16, 2007

I Jumped

I have to go throw up now.


Blogger Seattle Coffee Girl opined...

Woo to the Hoo!

February 16, 2007 2:55 PM  
Blogger Seattle Coffee Girl opined...

...And now I'm going to slurp a HUGE Pink Squirrel to celebrate you.

(Okay, Buffy told me not to, so it's a grande 1% extra-hot cinnamon dolce latte instead. This does so NOT taste like a Pink Squirrel.)

Good things come to those who throw their hat in the ring, LT.

February 16, 2007 2:58 PM  
Blogger Iwanski opined...

Yeah! Good on you.

February 16, 2007 3:45 PM  
Blogger Renee opined...

I'll be praying for a soft landing.

February 16, 2007 4:04 PM  
Blogger e-face opined...

What I really love about those terrifically scary "jumps", is that when you look back on them 5 or more years later, they seem so "not difficult" compared to the many feats you have taken on since then. Here's to the future memory.

February 16, 2007 5:21 PM  
Blogger Evangeline opined...

When I was 8 years old, I learned to ride a bike. My best friend had known how to do this miraculous feat since birth. Short story: she convinced me to ride down Cook street (the steep street on the hill by my house) and I did it. I crashed horribly and made meatloaf of my little face, but I got back on my bike and flew like the wind a week later. I drive past that street now and ya know, it's not really that steep at all. What does this have to do with you? Nothing. I just wanted to make it very clear to all that I do, in fact, know how to ride a bike.

February 16, 2007 9:39 PM  
Blogger Red7Eric opined...

HOORAY for you. Hey, even if the landing isn't everything you dreamed of, you've got a gaggle of folks very proud of you in Blogland. And that's somethin', ain't it??

February 17, 2007 9:00 AM  
Blogger gina opined...

Woo hoo!!! Good for you! Can't wait to hear the results.

February 17, 2007 9:02 AM  
Blogger Sling opined...

You can use me as a character reference!

February 17, 2007 1:25 PM  
Blogger Lorraine opined...

SCG: :-)

Iwanski, Thanks.

I appreciate it, Renee.

You're so right, E.

Eva, Bike riding is a very important skill. I'm proud of you.

Red: It's a lot. A whole lotta lot. Smooch.

Thanks, Gina. I'll let you know.

Oh, Sling...that's awesome. Surely that will seal the deal.

February 17, 2007 1:52 PM  

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